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Financing Options

At ExquisiCare, we are committed to helping families find ways to make the ExquisiCare experience a reality for their loved one.

Through years of working with residents we understand that each person who comes to us has unique financial circumstances. To help families create the best senior living experience for their loved ones, we have provided the following financial options that may assist in making the move to an ExquisiCare home.

  • Long Term Care Insurance helps to provide funds for long term care, when other insurance doesn’t provide coverage or isn’t available. Eligibility and premiums are generally based on the age and health of the insured.
  • Programs that sell or convert life insurance policies can be applied to senior living costs.
  • Real Estate can offer a source of funding, whether through the sale of a home or an equity loan. In this instance, Senior living fees may only amount to the small interest payments.
  • Tax Deductions – Under the Disability Tax Credit, seniors or their adult children may be eligible to deduct a portion of, or all, assisted living costs as a medical expense on the federal income taxes. We have partnered with a trusted company to provide guidance on assisted living financing and tax return preparation. We encourage you to contact your own personal tax adviser to learn more.
  • Veterans Benefits – Canadian Veterans Affairs provides some assistance for veterans. ExquisiCare is happy to provide any additional documentation or complete forms to assist in this.