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Offering the Best in Safe Living for Seniors

Building Codes and Precautions

Nestled in residential communities, ExquisiCare homes are built to the highest construction standard, to maximize resident safety.

ExquisiCare residences are built to commercial building code standards, as per the 2006 Alberta Building Code. The homes are equipped with interconnected smoke detectors, fire rated construction materials and a full sprinkler system. A detailed Fire Safety Plan is also in place to ensure maximum resident safety.

ExquisiCare homes are equipped with wireless nurse call systems that allow elders to call for assistance from anywhere in the home or property (not just from their bedside, as is the case with most traditional call systems).

Fire Safety

ExqusiCare homes are custom built for the safety and security of our elder residents. Each Home is built to a B2 standard, providing fire suppression systems, emergency lighting and many other features that are also required in a larger care institution. In keeping with our core value of "Family", our home may be built to commercial standard, but maintain the homey residential feel.

A detailed Fire Safety Plan is in place for each home to ensure maximum resident safety. Regular fire drills also ensure that staff and residents are prepared in the case of an evacuation.

Fully Licensed Senior Care Home

ExquisiCare homes are licensed and undergo yearly inspections and audits through the Alberta Ministry of Seniors.

Click here to see the ExquisiCare Audit Results.

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