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Our Mission, Vision and Values


To transform the culture of Long Term Care.


  • To provide real loving homes for our elders so they can live with safety, security and love, through all the remaining phases of their life.
  • To provide comfort and assurance to the families of our residents that their loved ones are treated with the highest level of care, compassion and respect.
  • To attract and retain the best employees by providing a rewarding and fulfilling work environment.

Core Values

Our core values determine the way we approach anything that involves people, both inside and outside of ExquisiCare. They are the place we operate from and translate into the daily behaviors we want to see from our people. Living these core values builds trust within our team and our clients and this ultimately creates the solid relationships we have and the exceptional service we provide to our clients. The 3 core values that are the foundation of everything we do at ExquisiCare are:

  • LOVE – The most basic Human need is that to be loved. At ExquisiCare, we treat our elders with the same love and attention that we would a family member. We believe that the most important thing we can provide to our elders and what they need most during their final stage, is love. We show affection; we truly engage with our clients. Likewise, we have deep regard for our colleagues. We do all that we can to help one another with our actions rooted in love for each other.
  • REVERENCE – We show the deepest respect to the elders for whom we provide care. These are individuals who have worked very hard to build our community and we owe them our deepest gratitude. Their stories are amazing. Their accomplishments are phenomenal. We respect them with all our being. We also have the deepest respect for the work being done by our highly regarded staff. At ExquisiCare, team members respect each other and the valuable work we perform.
  • FAMILY – Our residents and resident family members truly become like family to us. We laugh together, and cry together. We celebrate together and mourn together. We recognize the integral role of family and welcome family to the home at any time. The home has the feel of a traditional family home. Team members also become like a family. We have times of joy and difficulties, but we work together and work it out, like a family. ExquisiCare also recognizes that each team member has family responsibilities at home and we do everything we can to allow staff every opportunity to be with their family as the needs arise.