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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of care is provided?

In most cases, we provide whatever level of care is needed. Some of our elders may require minimal assistance with daily activities and others may require more. We are staffed with Registered Nurses and Health Care Aids and have all the equipment necessary to deal with your personal and health needs. We work with community services and home care to provide additional help so that you can stay at your ExquisiCare home for as long as possible. 

What level of care cannot be accommodated at ExquisiCare?

At ExquisiCare, our staff to patient ratio is among the highest in the industry; the ExquisiCare residence is intended to provide care to all our elders in a safe residential environment. However, there may be certain situations where care needs change or deteriorate to a level where ExquisiCare staff can no longer provide the level of care needed that creates a safe environment for all. Situations may include, and not be limited to: aggressive behaviour tendencies, yelling/screaming, wandering behaviour, etc. Should situations like this become known, ExquisiCare staff will work with elders & their families to help procure alternate care arrangements. 

Are you subsidized?

ExquisiCare residences are private community care facilities and are not subsidized. However, for individuals with long term care insurance, you may be able to claim your rental and accommodation fees through your insurance provider.

Are the rooms furnished?

All the common areas are furnished with beautiful and comfortable home furnishings. Residents are invited to bring their own bedroom furniture. The bedrooms are spacious enough for a twin or double bed, a dresser and or desk and a sitting chair. We will help you personalize your bedroom in whatever way possible. 

Is laundry included?

All your regular laundry is included in your service fee. Dry cleaning is not included, but we can arrange to have that done for you if you’d like.

What are the visiting hours?

At ExquisiCare we do not restrict our elders' friends and families to formal visiting hours. As this is your home, you may take visitors whenever you like.

Can elders have their own telephone?

Each bedroom is equipped with a telephone, cable and internet line so elders can have their own phone, television and computer. Cable and internet charges are included in the monthly fee. You would arrange phone service through the provider of your choice.

Do you have a Resident/Family Council?

Yes. We strongly encourage input and involvement from our elders and their families. The Resident Family Council meets on a monthly basis.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is not permitted inside the home.

Can family take elders out?

Absolutely! Residents are encouraged to go on outings as much as possible. Please ensure the staff know of the estimated return time so that we can send along medications as required.